Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday - UPDATED

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Today, after I eat breakfast and put D down for his morning nap, I am going to tackle this closet. It is located in the dining room. (I don't know why. I didn't build it in.) It has a mix of job. It stores toys (the kind that the kids are supposed to pick up before getting more out - blocks, Little People, etc), stores arts and crafts, stores sewing stuff, stores small kitchen appliances, and houses my pantry. But right now, it doesn't look like it does much of any of that.

Here is the toy section - on the floor and bottom shelf. Where are the toys? They're all over the living room floor. So much for the "put it away before you get more" rule.
The arts and crafts and sewing shelves. Can you tell? I have no idea what all is on that top shelf.
The two shallow shelves that go around the whole closet.

The appliance and pantry side.

D's Tackle It project for the day... (Why is there a diaper on the floor? I don't know. Ask D.)

5 hours, 2 helpers, and 100,000 interruptions later...

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corrin said...

looks like somebody woke up from their nap!