Saturday, January 26, 2008

About Me

It all started when I was born at a very young age.... Wait, that sounds corny. Let's try again.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land.... No, too fairy tale-ish.

Well, I was born very young, and it was in a remote location... Clay Center, KS. I mean how many people have ever heard of that? I don't remember much of my infancy. Watching my children's infancies go by, that's probably a good thing. Way too traumatic!

I had a normal childhood, I guess. The whole divorced parents thing. I got into trouble sometimes, but I wasn't an evil child. My constant gabber probably got me into more trouble at school than anything. And at home, the things I got in trouble for were the things my older brother told me to do. So, see it wasn’t my fault.

My mother became a Christian when I was five, and I remember her putting my brother and I to bed one night. She was telling my brother (on the top bunk) about how Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. I listened very closely, then prayed quietly to myself and told Jesus thank you for dying for me, then asked Him to live in my heart. When Mom leaned down to talk to me, I told her what I had done. Mom says that over the years in my childhood, I often came to her saying that I had just become a Christian, but this is the only time I remember, so I reckon it was the moment of truth.

My parents remarried when I was seven. I continued my normal childhood along with my eventually five other siblings.

When I was thirteen, my family became acquainted with IBLP/ATI (Institute in Basic Life Principles/Advanced Training Institute* -see footnote). It became a family rule that we would only wear dresses and skirts (just the girls, not the boys, of course), that we would listen to only hymns, classical, or other Christian non-beat music, and other conservative standards. We eventually enrolled in the ATI program and so began my "apprenticeship years", teaching character in the OKC public schools, teaching children's seminars, attending a two month girls' "school"... all within the "Institute".

I look back on all that and realize that it is a legalistic following of man (Mr. Gothard). I do not have any more connections with it (except for some wonderful friends I met through it). I do not, however, regret having gone through it, since God used it to mold me into who I am. Though I have had to go back and undo a lot of my thinking on issues and a lot of my beliefs, my faith has been strengthened and my sense of God's love of the individual has been heightened. Besides, I would never have met my husband, if I hadn't been involved in ATI. (Story coming later.)

I married my best friend and the love of my life May 1, 2004. Gave birth to C, April 11, 2005, and then to D, January 28, 2007. I love my family more than anyone in the world, especially my husband. We have a lot of fun together.

Since my husband's name starts with an A and mine with a B, we decided to name our children with the alphabet. Which is why I refer to them by their letter in my posts. When I sign cards or put our return address on an envelope, it usually looks like this: ABCD Lastname. I certainly hope we never make it to Z, nor am I planning on it.

Currently, I am a stay at home mom, having a blast (most of the time) taking care of my family, our home, and running my small graphic design business, BP Digital Creations.

Well, that's the longer than the short of it. I will be writing installments of my love story in the future, probably as part of Write It Out Wednesday. So keep your eyes peeled.

*Mr. Bill Gothard's seminars and homeschool group.

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