Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful...

1. That Daryn sleeps through the night (despite his crazy notion to wake at 6:30).
2. For the comradery of my husband.
3. For Cherith's sweetness (even when she has "rough days").
4. For our little home and God's provision as we strive to beautify what we DO have.
5. For my husband's job (even if it's not ideal).
6. For the ability to loose wieght (despite the work).
7. For my computer friends.
8. For my wonderful sister and sister in laws.
9. For my children's grandparents who love them very much.
10.That spring WILL come (even though it seems it never will).

1 comment:

Gallagators said...

hey! i love your new bloggie! I hope you got my email the other day saying yes, let's start up this week!