Monday, February 4, 2008

Measure Up Monday

Well, Wednesday marks a starting point for me. After two months of extreme busy-ness and no great headway in my weight loss goals, I'm jumping into the nutrition class at Curves. This will take me through a six week diet that I am excited about. I started it once, and lost 3 pounds the first week, but then stopped. I am excited about the accountability the class will give me.

The diet is well rounded and healthy. You don't cut anything out, like a low carb diet or such. It's just learning to eat healthy and manage your metabolism by keeping track of your calorie intake. The first week they cut you down to 1200 calories a day to jump start your weight loss, then you go back up to a about 1500-1600 calories. They also help you figure out whether you need a more carb/less protien diet or a more protien/less carb diet, so that you can balance your protien and carb intake based on your needs.

My current weight is 151. My goal for the six weeks is to loose 8-10 pounds. My over all goal is to loose 30 pounds, though I may not get that far before baby number three makes it's existence. But I want to steadily keep working at it, so I don't keep stacking baby pounds.

On to other things...

I think my eyes need more definition. I've decided to try eye liner. But I have no clue how to wear it, so I checked out a few links and came by this one.

How To Apply Eyeliner

I think I'll pick up some eyeliner when I run errands on Wednesday.

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