Monday, February 18, 2008

Measure Up Monday (but first, a change announcement)

I have noticed that 5 Minutes for Moms already has a housecleaning/project Tuesday meme, called Tackle It Tuesday. So as not to "copy" them, I will just play along with their meme. I will still post here, but I will be linking to their meme, instead of posting the Mr. Linky at the bottom of my post. Since no one has yet participated here, I reckon no one cares. So... that's the way it'll be folks. Like it or not. :~) Hee Hee!

And on to Monday's Topic... I am so so excited!! I weighed myself at Curves on Saturday. I just couldn't wait until Wednesday. (My MIL, who usually would watch the kids, was sick and I wasn't able to make it to the nutrition class last Wed.) I have dropped down to just under 147!!! YAY!!! Still a ways to go, but hey... I like progress. I have done very well with my food intake, but with what I eat and how much. I am also grateful that I am on the higher carb diet, rather than the higher protien diet. Apparently, the majority of women are carb intolerant, and thus need more protien than carbs. But I'm one of those weird folks that is just opposite of the rest of the world. But you know, I don't mind. I like eating lots of whole grain bread. :~)

Does anyone have any great shampoo reccomendations? I am currently using the cheap $.97 Suave stuff. But my hair is greasey every morning to where I feel I need to wash it everyday. I've had lots of people tell me it's not good for your hair to wash it everyday, but I hate having a grease head. My SIL reccomended an Equate shampoo that I might try. But I wondered if there are others out there that have found a great solution.

How are you doing with your physical goals?


Jill @ Live, Laugh, Blog said...

I still haven't started to lose weight after Little Sister was born (4.5 months ago now). It's frustrating, but I honestly haven't found any time to go. Nursing makes it hard for me tolose the weight, when others who breastfeed lose it very easily. Such is life:/

Johnyzgurl said...

When I cough up the $ we like the Aussie products. They smell really good too!

But right now I'm doing the Suave thing too. I don't shampoo every day. Try shampooing every other day and then after a week every third day. It takes your body a bit of time to stop overproducing. ;) Oh, and I use conditioner only or a spray bottle with water mixed with conditioner on the days I don't shampoo. :)

Jendi said...

Hello and Congratulations on losing weight!

I agree about Suave being no good! I've found that it's better to buy a more expensive shampoo and conditioner. I use less and my hair is better. I've heard that it's good to rotate shampoos so I watch for coupons and sales.

My hairdresser has also said that it's not good to wash my hair every day. I've washed it every other day since childhood so I don't know how to tell you to change.

One last thing - She also told me that it's not good to use the shampoo and conditioner that are mixed together if you have long hair. The hair doesn't get as clean before the conditioner starts working.

Happy Shampooing!