Friday, February 29, 2008

Family Friday

Motherhood - The Worst and Best of it

I think if we were all honest, we would admit that there are certianly parts of motherhood that we dislike, could do without, perhaps even hate. And I think that's ok. In fact, I think it's wise to admit it to ourselves.

If we allow ourselves to live in the disillusionment that motherhood is always the most enjoyable thing in life, it will lead to frustration and discontent. Frustration that we must not be doing it right, if we don't find it enjoyable. Discontent with all the sacrifice motherhood requires. These feelings will in turn make us into the mother monster that none of us want to be.

Personally, I hate the interruptions to my sleep. I hate being jolted from a deep and pleasant slumber by the cry of my children, especially when they are no longer infants. I'm always tempted to holler, "Be Quiet!" then roll over and go back to sleep. I don't. But it sure sounds tempting. Most of the time, though, by the time I go into the child's room and begin to find out why they are crying, my love for them overtakes the frustration of sacrificing my sleep. That only lasts until the next outburst, then the temptation to holler at them returns.

I also really dislike pregnancy. In fact, I would skip it if I could. I don't like the sickness and tiredness of the first trimester. The second is alright, but still not enjoyable. And the third... well, who wants to feel like they've got a 30 pound bowling ball attached to their belly? The long and short of it is I don't like it. Sometimes I think I must be weird or something. Aren't women supposed to be happy and glowing during pregnancy? Isn't it supposed to be a magical time? If so, I missed the memo somewhere along the line.

There are more, like hearing my name used in vain. The whining for no apparent reason. The toys all over the house. Crumbs under the table. There are lots more, but the point is they exist. It's up to me to admit it, then move on, remembering that "this too shall pass". I need to embrace the things I do love.... The hugs. The kisses. Watching them learn and develop. Seeing their personalities bloom. The funny things they do and say. The joys of motherhood are just as strong, if not stronger, than the dislikes. And it is definitely worth going through the not so enjoyable, because without the worst, the best would not exist.

What do you like and dislike about motherhood?


Jendi said...

Wow. You nailed my feelings AGAIN! Especially the hate-to-wake-up-but-love-takes-over sentiment. That's just amazing to read my feelings in your words.

Change of subject.
It seems like you enjoy writing and I wondered if you've seen this site:

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Brenda, I see that you do enjoy writing. You express yourself so well!


Gallagators said...

great post! i love it when p has snuggly days, like today :) i love to hold my little baby who isn't a baby anymore!!
and i dislike not being able to do whatever i want whenver i want :) very selfish of me.