Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a long, long absense...

You know, it's really not a good idea to start a brand new blog right before getting pregnant. There's the little sickness problem in the beginning, then the lack of motivation to do ANYTHING in the end, then the absolute no time to do anything once the baby is born. But I am determined to give this a go again and stick to it.

In case you're wondering, E was born November 3rd... on my birthday. He was 9 lbs even, 21 inches long, and one week overdue. I guess I'm destined to give birth to 9 pounders and after my due date. (C was 9 lb 4 oz, 17 days overdue.... D was 9 lbs, 3 days overdue.) He's in great health and getting nice and fat as my babies also tend to do. I think he's kinda cute. But then, I'm a little biased.


So, now that E's nearly 3 months old and getting predictable, it's time to get my life back in order. I know today is Wednesday, but I have nothing written up. So, instead I'll just say "hi and welcome back" to myself, since no one is probably reading this anyway. I'm sure all my readers died from lack of stimulation.

Oh... and check this out. Mama Bear, over at Mama Bear Gets Chatty, started a 15% Club for women who wish to loose at least 15% of their weight. I thought I'd join since the budget prohibits Curves this year. I feel good that I am only 10 lbs from my prepregnancy weight, but it's obvious that they're not going to fall off on their own like the first 25 did. And then I still have the 25-30 extra pounds I've been carrying around since my first pregnancy. So, here's to loosing at least 15%!! I am currently 155 lbs at 4' 11". My major goal is to get down to 120. 15% would be 131 lbs. If you'd like to check it out, just click on the cute button below.

15% Club


Jendi said...

Hi! I kept you in my feed reader.
Was surprised and happy to see your post.

Congratulations on having a healthy baby!
Looks like you and Cyndi from Modern Christian Home are coming back to blogging at the same time. LOL

Kara S. said...

That's a precious photo of your little one! So sweet. :)

I kept you in my feed reader too, so now you have two faithful readers. Hopefully that will give you an extra boost of confidence! LOL

Cyndi Lewis said...

Wow, we did have our kiddo's around the same time. You were a couple of weeks ahead of me but mine came early and yours came late. Congrats on your special blessing! I haven't blogged regularly since early summer but I'm trying to get back into it. Let's see how long our little ones let us keep this up. Good luck on your weight loss. I need to lose 20lbs of "baby" weight. That will put me right around 120 too. That is the weight I like to be but ever since I started having kids I don't seem to stay at it. I get to my target weight and then I get pregnant again and those pounds come back. Sigh.

johnyzgurl said...

B~ Congrats on the weight loss and I'm so glad to see you back and blogging again! I'm so glad I checked here again. You have the gift of creativity and I love to read what you write!