Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Write it Out Wednesday

Well, yesterday went alright. I was not selected for jury, but I found the whole process very interesting. And I think I would love to serve on a jury someday when I'm not pregnant or nursing.

In reply to everyone's comments on Little E... I figured some of you probably guessed, especially those who know me in real life. We don't have E names picked out yet. Cherith's name was chosen while I was in labor, and Daryn's name was decided when he was a couple hours old. So, I'm not getting my hopes up that this baby will be named before he/she is born. Thanks for all the congratulations.

Well, the assignments from last week were:

1) Choose an inanimate object in your house (or better yet, have one of your children or your spouse choose one). Ponder the object for a few minutes, then write a paragraph describing how you reflect this object.


2) Choose a setting for your story and begin researching it to give you a good grasp of the culture and layout.

In the last two years, I have developed a fascination with Israel and the Jews, mostly in how it relates to Christ's being a Jew. So I have chosen to write a story set in Israel during the life of Christ.

I have only done some leisurely study on Israel and the traditions and beliefs of OT Jews. I have yet to really buckle down and get some serious research in. The ideal would be a trip to Israel, but since it's hard enough to fit groceries in the budget, I don't think that will happen. I know that there has got to be lots of information out there and I plan to utilize the internet and the library. And I hope to find a Jew that would be willing to expound on Jewish rituals and beliefs.

How about you? :~)


Beth Anne said...

I thought I would get you started on "E" names...



Gallagators said...

HI BRENDA!! Miss ya and love ya!

Cyndi Lewis said...

Hey Brenda,
I saw that you left a comment on Rachelle Gardner's blog. CBA is the Christian Booksellers Association as apposed to the ABA American Booksellers Association. Good to see you over there? Are you entering her contest? I just sent in my first page this morning and she mentioned one of my first lines a couple of blog posts ago even though I didn't win the first line part. Small victories. Last week I told you I didn't have morning sickness. It really kicked in this week. I'm not losing food but I generally feel slightly sick all day. Here's to the 2nd trimester!

Cyndi Lewis said...

I don't think Rachelle posted your line as a "bad" example. She merely classified it as a "philosophy opener". She said some of the best books open this way but to make sure you get into actually story quickly. Besides one of my lines was listed in that category too- the last one, about Texas weather.