Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Write It Out Wednesday

Last week's assignment was to describe your favorite place using your five senses. It should be five paragraphs long. Each paragraph dedicated to one sense, with the sense of sight last.

Sounds like a wonderful assignment. Did anyone do it? I didn't. Ha Ha Ha!! I'm going to go ahead and put up Mr. Linky, in case anyone did, and wants to link to it, but I have nothing to post. I know that's horrible. What "meme leader" would do that?? Well, me. The one who has had almost 0 meme followers (except last week). So, is it allowed?

If I get a chance tonight, I am going to work on the second chapter of the Alphabet Family, and I'll post that instead.

Love to you all! I'm going to take a nap while I can!!

1 comment:

Jendi said...

Okay - I don't feel so bad that I didn't do it either. LOL.

What's up for next week?