Monday, March 10, 2008

Measure Up Monday

I've been eating a lot of convience foods lately... you know the boxed processed foods. Not exactly the healthiest or weight loss condusive. I'm also finding that my protien need is increasing. I need to figure out how to adjust my food intake to account for that.

Speaking of keeping track of not just calories, but nutrition content too, I have found a great tool. Sparkpeople is a sight where you can track all sorts of goals. As you enter the food you ate for the day, it tallies up the calories, carbs, protien, fat, and other nutritients you'd like to track. It does take a little work to look up the food and enter it, but I have found that I do not do good with my diet if I don't track what I eat. And this tool makes it easier for me.

What tools have you found to help you in your weight loss goals?

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