Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Take it On Tuesday

Today, I plan to reorganize the freezer so things will stop falling out when we open the door. I really need to clean up the whole kitchen as well. Here are some before pictures. I'll be back with after pictures.

Oh, yeah, and I took the front grill thing off the fridge over a month ago so I could clean it. Ummm... it's still sitting in the laundry room dirty as ever. I guess I'll add that to the list too.


Well, today was not my day. Seriously, it has been one dissappointing thing after another. Daryn only took a 45 minute nap which did not give me a chance to do much of anything. I did get the freezer reorganized and one load of dishes in the dishwasher, though, so I guess that's good.

Which reminds me, you know those plastic cutting mats? Yeah, well they don't do well at the bottom of a dishwasher, on top the heating element. Don't ask.

I attempted to use several odds and ends that I found in the freezer to make soup. It consisted of water, some beef broth, and two cans of tomato sauce, some corn, some green beans, a little bit of pasta that was leftover, and breakfast sausage patties cut into small pieces. I think it was that last ingredient that made it entirely too strange for my consumption. I didn't much care for it, so I fixed something else for the kids and I for dinner. When Aaron came home, I offered it too him, with a warning that it was kinda wierd. Apparently, he really liked it. He said he was going to pack some for work tomorrow.

The finished freezer:


Gallagators said...

aw - sorry it was a rough day! :( your story about your soup made me smile - I made soup tonight, too - and not exactly the way it was supposed to be! :)
May tomorrow be a better day for you!

Crazy Daisy said...

Thanks for the tips on being a new blogger!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I did this too! Reorganized my freezer! It made me feel SO good. It's the little things.

Ike has been on a bit of a nap strike too. I think maybe he is teething. When I give him some advil he sleeps longer. And I know now that he is pulling up, soon he is going to cry out when he can't get back down. It's so cute - the first 10 times. Then it gets a little old!